Few people know that I spent 3 years in the US Army with the 82nd Airborne Division.  It was a life changing time in my life and more importantly I met some of my best friends to this day while serving my country.  There is a brotherhood that gets built up that is tough to understand by outsiders.  This is why I can understand the formation of our recent find Vally & Rocket.

Vally & Rocket

The duo formed back in 2013 right as their service in the military was coming to an end.  Randy Rocket and Vally Does It have developed their own unique blend of hip hop and pop melodies that defines their sound.  They have been churning out singles and growing quite an audience as they spread their songs.

Vally & Rocket have officially released their first EP called Vally & Rocket: The Pretape.  The 5 song album shows the direction the group is going in.  The opener “Big City Dreamin” speaks of the goals for the pair with some flashy flows and a catchy hook.  For a truly infectious sound check out “Might Be”.  The spacey melody will work its way deep into your brain and stay there long after the track is over.  There is a nice dance friendly melody on the self-serving “Superstars” as well.  These guys are setting up to be bigger than big with this one.  The EP closes with “Nightcap”.  Vally & Rocket show a soft and sultry side here with a call for a romantic evening.  Take a listen and see where they go next at: http://www.flyerthanafly.com/

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