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Second Still Drop Self Titled Debut EP

Second Still is a three piece band from Los Angeles. With their electronic drum sounds, unconventional guitar lines, and strange vocal melodies that set them apart from traditional categorization. In March 2016, an early version of the EP was released on limited edition cassettes. The four tracks on the tape were recorded in a snowed in

Inward Of Eden Proves Hard Work Rocks

We all know the amount of hard work and sacrifice it takes in the quest to become a successful musician.  You must be willing to do the things that no one else will do now, so you can live your dream like no one else can later.  The story of Dusty Owen and his band

Lolahiko’s Unexpectedly Relatable Funeral

“Where did my life go, descending into a hole? I knew that I wouldn’t last long, I was never strong enough…Just don’t cry at my Funeral. I’ve already died it’s a Funeral. What’s the point in crying? I’ve already done the dying.” Pair those lyrics with an otherworldly sound and haunting chorus and Lolahiko’s single,