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Tape Machines Release Soulful Single “Stupid”

Tape Machines have released their newest single “Stupid,” and we at Indie Band Guru are here for it. Consisting of two Stockholm-based producers, two minds tired of the industries complications, a whole host of skills, and one simple joint desire to release good music, Tape Machines are ready to continue on their sonic voyage. Following their

Dion Lunadon releases fiery self titled LP

Native New Zealander Dion Lunadon has been known since moving to America in 2009. His raucous, energetic rock & roll that he’s been making since the early 90s has brought him to release his debut solo self-titled album Dion Lunadon via Agitated Records. The 11 track album combines Lunadon’s primal punk impulses and garage rock sounds with

Danny Everitt Is Still Dreaming Big

The world of the music is known for coming full circle. Often where we start we end up coming back to in some sort of strange twist of fate. Our recent discovery, Danny Everitt, has allowed his music to be his guide through a journey that has taken him across the United States, Canada, and