Danny Baxley Lets Creativity Flow

Danny Baxley

As a musician, there are two routes to take. First, you could go along with the status quo and make music that fits inside the tiny little box the mainstream has set up for you. The other option is to create something original that could only have been dreamt up by a truly creative mind. If you have following Indie Band Guru for any amount of time, you know which of those choices we prefer. Danny Baxley knows. That is why we are excited to introduce his latest single to you.

The solo artist hails from the hotspot of great innovative music that is Boston, Massachusetts. Now 28 years old, Danny Baxley prides himself on being original and taking risks. Two very important values to have in the independent music space. His sound blends the singer-songwriter genre with elements of ambient and psychedelic music. Danny says “Being able to express myself creatively has literally saved my life”. Many of us can relate to that.

The latest single by Danny Baxley is the imaginative “Ithaca”. It starts with a little grooving guitar quickly followed by some trance-inducing synth sounds. This creates a full landscape of sound that keeps attention with jarring shifts. Sometimes you don’t know exactly what genre of music you are listening to. That is the beauty of it. The vocals are delivered with an almost spoken word style that demands attention to what Dan Baxley is trying to express.

We are very interested to see where he goes from here. You can keep up with Dan Baxley on his WEBSITE.

Also, follow his Facebook at facebook.com/dannypbaxley

Twitter handle @dpbmusician