Music Video Premiere – “Love’s Truth Behind” by Vandenborre

Love's Truth Behind

We continue to keep our ears open for music that alters the rules and breaks down barriers and genre constrictions. The amazing musical mind of Nic Vandenborre has returned to offer us another uniquely original song in “Love’s Truth Behind”.

Even luckier for us all, Vandenborre has given Indie Band Guru the opportunity to exclusively premiere the music video for the song. Watch it here:



The track is a cello-heavy neoclassical ballad that creates a full and somewhat dark soundscape that takes the listener on quite an interesting journey.

Nic Vandenborre brought in some truly talented people to make this a reality. For the vocals, Lilo’s Wall was brought in to add to the emotion of the music. Pairing this with the visuals created by filmmaker Gareth Ng and the skilled acting of Melanie Devon makes you feel as if you are a part of the full experience.

“Love’s Truth Behind” is part of big plans by Vandenborre including a double release. The next single scheduled for an August release will approach Funk territory. This is an artist that can seemingly go in any direction he chooses. We will truly enjoy watching him continue to develop and bring us music that will always produce thoughts and feelings.

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