Dandy John Lets You Into His ‘World’

Dandy John

Straight from the musical mind of creative genius, Dandy John comes an amazing new song. “World” by Dandy John has completely captivated the hearts and minds of all his fans from all over the world. Originally from Switzerland, this independent singer-songwriter has made his debut song a hit in fact on Reverbnation it has topped the international pop-charts at number eight.


Dandy John has a style all his own sporting a neoclassical English look with a pocket watch in hand his hand he has a bit of an eclectic style, but the heart of a social justice warrior which makes it hard not to love him. Dandy John loves to incorporate different styles in his music anything from Pop, Rock, Funk, Latin, even Trance, and Classical. He is largely influenced by so many talented musical artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, Enrique Inglesias, and George Micheal. His music really transcends what it means to be a fantastic songwriter. Dandy John puts his heart and soul into his music and you can really see it in his song, “World”.



The song world starts off with a subtle piano introduction with the words “I don’t want to see you cry” then shows the vision of a broken T.V. set. Then he shows a poor old man who seems to have very little hope then an industrial park spewing clouds of poison into the air. It gives you an impression of what is wrong with the world.”I don’t want to live for empty reasons” Then shows people praying at the wailing wall hoping for a better future. “We need everyone to go on and on. You are not alone to struggle in this world”.


Then you see an image of a child reaching up to open a door. “Can you feel it the world is not the same” People are moving together doing Thai-chi finding inner peace.”Can you see it we’re the ones to blame” As it shows him writing on a type writer eluding to we all write our own future. “Are we fighting or are we only fools”. Visually the video is absolutely stunning with such a powerful message in his lyrics. “I can’t make you feel”, but as you listen it really does make you feel that is what is so beautiful about this song. “I need some hope to find” Then more visuals of people smiling being happy, and hopeful which is refreshing to see. It’s bitter and sweet and hopeful at the same time. Then the lyrics repeat to a crescendo.


It blends images of hope with images of despair, but it leaves you with a message. “We can change everything”. Then he is there with his top hat and a pocket watch eluding to we only have so much time. As though we need to change things as soon as we can. It end with a final message. “Are we waiting or are we only fools.” The message is absolutely genius and the music stays with you even after you have finished listening. It really makes you want to listen to it again so you don’t miss anything.


This song “World” is absolutely pure genius in the way it is put together the visuals are stunning and absolutely powerful. The message is definitely clear, captivating, and moving. Dandy John is very concise in what he wants his audience to get out of his music. The quirks in the voice even if you can tell English is a second language it seems to mesh with the song in such a way it doesn’t matter because he takes you on a journey and delivers a powerful message. It actually was such a powerful message it brought me to tears, by the end of the song. Absolutely very well done a fantastic song and a pure work of musical genius.


With the quirky English look and eclectic style you really just fall in love with the mind of the musician Dandy John that he cares that much about the world and where it is going that he brings us such a powerfully moving message. He seems to want to change the hearts of the people and brings us to the question what can we do to change things in this world.


Dandy John has the heart of a social Justice warrior wrapped up with lyrics and music for his battle cry really such a genuine musical artist fighting for a cause through music. It will be exciting to see what other great messages he can bring to the world through his music. If you are curious and want to explore what other wonderful works the mind of Dandy John comes up with you can find him on Facebook and download his music through Reverbnation.


You can find more Dandy John here: http://www.dandyjohn.com/


     -review by Aura Stiers

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