Sometimes you can hear a song and the emotion that went into it are obvious right from the start.  These types of songs also illicit feelings in the listener that make for an emotional bond with the songwriter almost instantly.  When a musician is willing to pour their heart and soul into a song it creates something much more than just words and sounds on a record.  A great example of this is our latest find, 13 Shadows.

13 Shadows

The dark wave atmospheric project is the brainchild of New York native Denise Donahue.  In fact, she writes, arranges, performs, and co-produces these cinematic and emotionally charged songs as well.  Her unique style has set her apart from the mass produced music of today and into a world where a full soundtrack must be listened to instead of just one song, which is all to prevalent in the MP3 single society we live in today.

The last full release by 13 Shadows is the self-titled album that came out late last year.  Right from the opening minute of album opener ‘Belong’ the listener is transported into a dark and eerie world where feelings can be shared freely. The energy comes in soon after with a driving drum beat and explosive vocals.  Other songs such as ‘Descend’ and ‘Erase U’ build up as dark movie soundtracks that could support any spooky scene. A standout track is ‘Slide’.  There can be comparisons to other dark hard rock female singers but the display of emotion makes this a song to listen to and explore inside your mind.  This is a full album of sounds that will make your heart bleed emotion and relax your worried mind at the same time.  Go give it a listen at:

Please enjoy the music video for ‘7 Years’ below that will explain it all:

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