Having a family that supports your musical dreams at a young age can be a huge influence on a young artist’s development.  It is not always easy to stick with music as a hobby when there are so many distractions in our society today.  When a young person shows a serious interest in music it must be nurtured to grow into a successful career.  Luckily our latest find Gabriel Biase had the support to get where he is today.


The multi-cultural singer/songwriter also goes by the name KMillion.  He was born November 21, 1983 in Pocos De Caldas, Brazil.  At 6 years of age he moved to the United States with his father and brother.  Both of them strongly encouraged him to follow his music dreams when Gabriel discovered the guitar at this early point in life.  His ear improved as he played more and more guitar and trumpet while attending school in NJ.  He continued expanding his musical mind while serving in the US Navy and experiencing different cultures along the way.

The style that KMillion developed is a branch of American mainstream hip hop that he refers to as Fuse Hop.  He has released a well-produced music video for his song ‘The City Is Brighter’ off his upcoming album Killing Chameleon.  It has definitely struck a chord with fans as it has over 140,000 views in less than a month.  Enjoy it for yourself here:

Find out more about KMillion at: http://www.kmillionrecords.com

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