The world of dance music has become larger and larger in the current music climate.  A well written song can be remixed again and again to create different versions that appeal to every crowd.  The talent in the producers out there has only gotten better as well.  We are blessed to live in a time when musicians such as Cimmone Ferry can write a good song and have it turned into a dozen great songs by talented remixers.

Cimmone Ferry

Independent singer and songwriter Cimmone Ferry started writing songs in her early teens and has been sharing her voice since even earlier.  The love she has for the craft of creating music is obvious when you hear the passion in her voice.  Last year she released her debut EP Becoming.  The 7 track record has received good reviews and has pushed Cimmone to continue her budding music career.

Next week, on July 30th, Cimmone Ferry will release The Remixes – Part 1 of her hot single ‘Distant Echoes’.  This is the 1st of a planned 3 part remix EP project featuring over a dozen different versions of the song.   The EP release is unique in that Cimmone found producers to remix her original song “Distant Echoes” via the web, but in addition, held a remix contest online to find twelve more musicians and producers to remix her song, for the three part Remixes EP series. After considering dozens of submissions, she narrowed it down to just twelve.  Three of these winners are featured on Part 1 along with star adaptions from the likes of Tom Rosato, DJ Leopold, and Radical Academy.  The Rosato remix is an interesting take on the song set to an orchestral rock sound.  Cimmone’s sultry vocals stand out here in the most trance like version.  The other versions are strong EDM tracks ready for the dance floor of any club.  The Radical Academy version jumps out to me as the best with its high energy and exotic soundscape.  I had a flashback to a younger version of myself dancing the night away in NYC clubs like Sound Factory, Exit, and the Tunnel.  Enjoy this version below:

Keep tabs on the future remixes as well as fresh new music at:

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