Meeting similar minds in the music world is so important to develop your skills and sound.  Sitting alone in your bedroom writing music by yourself will never allow you to grow as an artist.  Collaborations are extremely important to expand your horizons and to grow your knowledge of what music is out there.  A good pair that I came across recently is D.A.S. Kids.

DAS Kids

The hip-hop duo is made up of Daezon and Sar.  After being born in NYC and Washington, DC respectively, they met in Virginia Beach and discovered a shared passion for expanding the sometimes stale sound of VA hip-hop.  D.A.S. Kids, and the LiveShameless Crew that they are part of has the goal to bring different and unique sounds to the genre.  These guys love what they do and it is obvious when you hear them perform.

After being together for 2 years, D.A.S. Kids has released their debut mixtape called Extra Credit.  The 17 track record is a good start in exposing their talents to the world.  The background beats are kept to a minimum as the focus is on the lyrical skills of the duo.  Good examples are ‘Forever’ and ‘Peace, Love, Shameless’.  Then there is ‘Lovely Conversations 2’ where they show that they can spit over a faster and funkier beat with no lack of energy.  Another expansion of the genre is heard on ‘King Midas’ with its soul based exotic beat.  The rhymes are strong and seem to come in bunches.  D.A.S. Kids have no shortage of vocabulary to express themselves.  Extra Credit is definitely a good starting point of what is possible with these two talents.  Go get a listen for yourself at:



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