44phantom Is Helping Listeners Get It “all figured out”

As the latest single from 44phantom, “all figured out” is an acoustic pop track about getting past unrequited love. It combines soft guitar lines with skillful, electric vocals. Its lyrics are deeply reflective and honest, making it a song that feels made for a rainy day. As grungy as it is beautiful, “all figured out” is yet another thoughtful track from 44phantom.

44phantom, also known as Brayton Matthews, is a Seattle based artist from Oklahoma. At only 19 he is an impressive writer and musician. In just the last year, he’s amassed two million total streams on Spotify alone.

With previous tracks like “let’s be friends” and “Poison” it’s not hard to see why. These dark, fun tracks are laiden with synths and impressive vocals. They are also testaments to 44phantom’s artistic and edgy approach to exploring of small-town life, relationships, and being a teenager.

Through his latest release, “all figured out,” 44phantom continues to showcase thoughtful writing and production. This track is more subdued than previous releases, focusing in on gentle acoustic guitar melodies and an emotional vocal delivery. The song still integrates synth effects and takes inspiration from elements of classic rock and grunge music.

The music video for this track doesn’t disappoint, either. Directed by Ryan Jay, the video is icy and muted. From looking into 44phantom’s eyes to watching him play the guitar in an empty parking lot, the slow zoom outward feels slow and lonely. It embodies everything “all figured out” hopes to make listeners feel.

While the pandemic has slowed most things down, it doesn’t seem to have stopped romance. Or breakups. In moments that might be pretty lonely, “all figured out” is the kind of track that gets it and leaves you feeling just a little bit better. For any grunge-pop listener or sad song enthusiast, this is the latest track you’re going to have on repeat.

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