“Call It Quits” With Singer/Songwriter JULIANA

Singer/songwriter JULIANA shares her new acoustic version of her debut single “Call It Quits” with a stunning live performance to match. The Lodge in Brentwood, California houses the live performance, which also features guitarist Mike Holland accompanying the up and coming performer.

“Since “Call It Quits” holds a lot of emotional weight, I’m feeling extremely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to release the acoustic version that gives people a different perspective on the track,” JULIANA shares with listeners. “When I originally wrote this song, it was fully stripped down with just my voice and my guitar, which inspired me to replicate that style in this acoustic live version so listeners can get a glimpse into the story behind the track and why I wrote it in the first place. This song for me was the closure I needed to move forward and grow into a more self-aware and happier person after having gone through a taxing and draining long-term relationship.”

JULIANA’s music and songwriting skills are “real stories that are turned into chantable and powerful anthems. She continues to use her music to promote empowerment, acceptance, and “control through her lyrics and sound to help and heal others.”

Her beautifully intimate voice and lyrics set the stage for an impressive performance. Her use of lyrical word play and storytelling resonates from beginning to end, while keeping a simplicity to the song that makes it easier for listeners to sing and follow along. 

Here’s her stunning live performance of “Call It Quits” at The Lodge in Brentwood, CA.

“My hope with this acoustic version of ‘Call It Quits’ is for my fans to connect with me on a deeper level and to peel back the complexities of my life experiences by going through a dark moment in my life and being able to come out of it stronger than before. This version of the song is meant to be raw, real, emotional, and powerful, because that’s what I felt when I created the song.”

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