It seems as in this modern day internet based society we are losing the idea of a truly local music scene.  It is still out there if you are willing to search.  Groups of bands playing in the same local venues that feed off each other and develop a niche and specific sound that represents the area.  Underlined Passages is keeping this alive.

Underlined Passages

Th­ey represent a facet of Baltimore, Maryland music that has had long, deep roots in the city’s rock scene: good, brainy and catchy indie rock.  Other trailblazing bands that were big influences include Ted Leo, The Weakerthans, Nada Surf and American Football.  Underlined Passages is made up of Rich Marcinek, Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor.  Together they create a warm yet luscious sound that welcomes every listener in.

Indie Band Guru recently had the chance to hear Underlined Passages upcoming album The Fantastic Quest which is scheduled for release on April 1st, 2016.  The 9 track record continues the indie pop perfection they have been noticed for.  The opener “Calamine” with its monotone guitar twang pairing with an energetic drum beat and crooning vocals sets the tone for a comfortable ride.  There is a slightly darker feel to “Everyone Was There”.  The chorus is very catchy here and you will find yourself singing it before the song is over.  There is a little more speed on “The Driver” as the beat drags you along trying to keep up with the energy provided.  The closer “Hearts On Fire” shows an even deeper layer to Underlined Passages.  The atmospheric sound fills the room as the vocals are sung with heartfelt emotion.  The music will wash over you and acts as the perfect letdown from an adventurous ride through the FAntastic Quest that is this album.  

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