Alli Starr Leaves You Wanting “More”

It’s hot out in the desert, but it gets a whole lot hotter when Alli Starr and her cohorts turn up the temperature in the new music video for her single “More” this winter. While there’s no shortage of boundary-pushing pop, hip-hop, and R&B coming out of the woodwork at the moment, what Starr does in this all-new release has less to do with twerking and more to do with establishing a swagger that lacks an equal in her insular underground scene. She’s presenting as a boss in this performance, and challenging her contemporaries to try and keep up with her beats. 

Everything starts and ends with the breathy vocal Starr is firing in our direction for the better part of this single, and while I consider the lyrics to be quite spellbinding, they wouldn’t hold the kind of endearing depth that they do in this instance were they sung by someone else. 

Watch the video for “More” below

This player is endearing herself to us through nothing more than her voice and the steamy manner in which it grips the bassline, and where a lot of other vocalists would have saved the cathartic release for the chorus, she spreads it across the entirety of this track – just for the fun of it. 

The bottom line for “More” is a simple one in that it’s an amazingly superb listen from a singer and songwriter well on her way to breaking through a mainstream in need of more confident feminine talent in pop and hip-hop the same. The music video for the song is indeed stirring and eye-catching in more ways than one, but the substance of the track itself is what made me notice Alli Starr above all else. Her artistry is going to evolve significantly as long as she stays as tuned in to the intricacies of her work as she is here, and I doubt I’m the only listener who thinks as much. 

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