The rap genre has been littered with angry profanity laced songs for decades now.  It became the go-to style for a multitude of up and comers thinking that by screaming vulgar language they could gain some fans through shock alone.  Fortunately, in my opinion, that trend has slowed down dramatically and talent can now be expressed without having to be censored.  A great example that we discovered recently is AntBanks380.


Originating out of Houston, Texas, Ant Banks has created an original sound without the need for vulgar and expletory language.  At the same time he still delves into the gangster rap lifestyle but puts his personal positive spin on it.  He does not come off as preachy and holier than thou like some of his contemporaries often do, but stays true to the genre.  This is down and dirty inspirational hip hop.

Last year AntBanks380 released his full length album God Fearing Gangsters.  The refreshing change of pace leads with his positive message and originality.  The record opens with a slow jam with a very pretty wall of sound built behind AntBanks380’s soulful voice.  It leads into the track “Think Positive” that shows how he can flow all over the map without the curses.  There is no hate on this record just openness and understanding.  The deep dark wave sound on “Inhale Exhale” creeps deep into your mind and body and lets you into his own world.  The title track “God Fearing Gangster” plays with multiple sounds and beats thrown together to keep your attention fixed on the positive message AntBanks380 has to share with you.

You can hear more by this positive star at:

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