With the wide array of music available today bands must make their sound stand out in the crowd.  One way that always seems to work, especially in the live setting, is to play with an energy that explodes in the ears of the listener.  Energy is magnetic.  A band we came across recently that seems to have massive energy is Polkadodge.

The indie pop rock band hails from Sheffield, England but plays a style of music that can transfer to any area or even language.  Four friends; John, Paul, Martin and Tom, got together with the sole goal of being the most exciting band in the UK.  Polkadodge got out there and started performing and caught the attention of Aggressive Management who signed them and got to work on exposing them to larger and larger audiences including a gig in Hillsborough Park Sheffield playing in front of an audience of 19,000.

Big things are planned for 2014 for Polkadodge with festival performances and large headline gigs.  We got a preview of their latest track “Laughing In Spanish”.  It is powerful pop rock song full on energy and passion.  The vocals push the song forward while the band pounds out a full wall of sound to wrap the listener in energy.  Take a listen below:

Keep up with the latest developments of Polkadodge at: https://www.facebook.com/Polkadodge

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