AryaK is ‘On Top Of The World’


Us passionate music lovers are a breed of our own. Music is always there for us and the lucky few of us are able to create it and share it with the world. This is a passion that rarely dies. Years can pass with no musical success but the idea still remains and we dive back in to create something new. Our recent discovery AryaK is one of us and his new EP.

Growing up in the late 60s and early 70s in Northern Finland, AryaK had a happy life among the cold grey landscape. His biggest struggle was the lack of radio stations. He sought out ear-catching sounds and soaked in inspiration from such legends as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie. 

Like many of us, AryaK had many starts and stops along his musical journey. Bands started and ended. University, a daughter, day jobs, and basic real life took him off course. The passion to make music remained though and in 2015 the decision to give it one final try was made. He dove into modern technology and started putting in the time learning how to make the best music he could.

The result is the new EP On Top Of The World. The 3 track record shows a diverse songwriter putting his passion to work. AryaK brought in a small circle of friends to help but did most of the work is all him, with his newfound skills.

The first song is the title track “On Top Of The World”. It is an elegant piano based ballad that draws the listener in close with its warm feeling. As the song builds, so does the energy. Simple yet effective songwriting with some interesting flairs of sound to keep the attention. 

AryaK shows off his range with “Alice Cooper” which is a solid mix of rock and indie folk rolled into one. A intoxicating guitar melody pushes the song along as a solid guitar solo brings the rock energy. The overdubbed vocals welcome everyone to sing along.

The closer “I Want You” brings up the Blues reminding me of the Jack White style. A straight ahead drumbeat gets your head bopping along as AryaK delivers his vocals with meaning in a monotone way. This adds a raw fell that everyone can relate to. 

There is definitely something happening on this ‘final try’ by AryaK. Keep an eye and ear out for where he goes from here on SPOTIFY.

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