There is music everywhere in this world.  Some of the local music rarely escapes to the rest of the world.  One place that you rarely hear music from is the country of Norway.  With a population of over 5,000,000 there has to be some good music there.  Indie Band Guru did some research for you and has found a great band from the great white north.  Let us introduce you to Asiago.

Don’t worry; we are not introducing you to something strange.  Asiago’s vocals are all in English and they would be considered an alternative rock band here in the States.  They are comparable to Muse, The Killers or Placebo.  The band is made up of Haakon Brox – bass, Erlend Naalsund – guitar, John-Ivar Rotnes – drums, Audun Røstad – guitar, Kristian Skauge – vocals, and Nikolai Sødahl – keyboards.  If more people discover Asiago they could definitely become a powerhouse in the current alternative music climate.

Currently, Asiago is working on a set of three EPs to be released in order, which will ultimately become a full-length album. Reviews and fan favorites will determine which songs of these three EPs are good enough to be on the full-length, which will also feature some new songs not on the EPs. Everything will then be remastered and sequenced to work in an album setting.  The first EP Going Somewhere?  was released recently and has the feel of a great start to the upcoming album.

Asiago has also self-produced an innovative video for the lead single ‘Wake Up In A Fire’.  The result was a shoot of the song where the singer, Kristian, walks towards a camera while the song is playing at 1/5 speed. This also meant that Kristian had to lip sync and walk in 1/5 speed as well while everything and everyone else in the video acted in normal speed, making it look really odd when the music and video was sped up five times to complete the effect.  The shot was done in one take, in about 20 minutes, on a cold Norwegian night at about -20 C degrees which equals -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Enjoy the video below:


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