In today’s world of technology and the ease of spreading your music through the internet, it is not always necessary to travel to the music capitals of cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville to get your music out there anymore.  In fact some of the best and most original music comes from the unlikeliest of small towns nowadays.  A good example is the latest artist to come to us, BeWill.


The talented emcee is originally from the relatively small city of Springfield, Virginia but then moved to the tiny country town of Berryville.  This may have been the space that BeWill needed.  He has been writing and recording for 10 years now since his move. Without the city life he was led to share his stories of country life and the thoughts that come to him in his spare time.

Now BeWill has earned his stripes and has hooked up with Wannabattle Records to release his first EP, The Day By Day EP.  The 9 track record features a bevy of talented artists and producers brought in to help BeWill bring the sound, most importantly the talented Empuls from Leesburg, VA who co-produced the record.  The opening title track “Day By Day” opens with an almost acapella flow before the beat creeps in to push forward the story of BeWill’s journey.  The track “Open Ears” shows off some talented production with scratching and noises coming at the listener from all angles.  “Power Rest” continues the sonic assault on your ears.  The album closes with the flowing “Good Fight”.  The beat will get any head bopping and leave the listener wanting more to continue the party.  Go start your own party now at:

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