At the start of a new year we are always on the lookout for great compilation and best of albums.  Fortunately nowadays there are easy ways for independent artists to get their music onto some of these albums and gain the exposure that they need to get to the next level in their careers.  The latest good one we came across was the INDIE TOP 50 EDM EDITION VOL. 1 by Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

mixtape image

The album is a full collection of music that will make any listener want to head straight to a dance floor.  The opener “Don’t Stop Now” sets the tone with a bouncing beat mixed with pretty female vocals and a hook.  Unsuspectingly rapper Godhand Black comes in to drop some lines and take the song to another level.  The album’s surprise hits continue with songs such as “Sidewinder” and “End Of The World” and “Midtown”. The tunes jump from electro to dance-pop to rap based clubbers.  There is something for everyone here and letting it play at a simple house party will get people moving for hours.  Take a sample below:

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