Bong Etiquette for Musicians and Fans

Bong Etiquette

Using a bong with bandmates and friends can be an enjoyable experience. However, this comes with some rules, which are all geared toward keeping the experience enjoyable, relaxing, and safe for everyone. Below is the basic bong etiquette to observe during one of those moments.

Clean it: It’s important to keep your bong clean! Nobody needs a dirty bong to place his or her lips on. Even if the mouthpiece is clean, it is only good to take good care of your piece, particularly if you are going to share it with others. Of course, your best friends and bandmates won’t mind, but is that how you should treat them?

Only add water: to enable the pipe to be underwater, add enough fluid to the cavity. And, yeah, what you want to put in your bong is water. It may sound nice to have juice, booze, or soda, but it does nothing to change the experience. You’ll know You’ve overfilled the chamber if you take a draw and water gets into your mouth. Simply pour water out before you get a good bubbly sound while the slider is submerged. 

Fill the bowl: How many of you are going to take part? And how big of a bowl is yours? Those are the only two questions you need to ask yourself. Let’s say that you have a bowl of the normal size and that you share it with two mates. Cover the bowl with about half (3⁄4 grams or so) of cannabis. In your mug, you can place ground cannabis or a chunk of a plant. Either one will work; however, most people prefer unground buds.

Take it easy: the lungs do not need to be polluted by heavy smoke. Particularly on your first turn, you don’t want to cough up that lung. Light the weed in the bowl and softly inhale the smoke until you feel it in your lungs. Before exhaling, hold it in for a second or two. 

Don’t ‘Keep the Microphone’: Take your turn and move it to the next user and let it rotate. Do NOT keep dreaming about your beautiful puppy or your rude co-worker while others await their puff. This is called “holding the microphone” and is bad bong etiquette. First of all, no one will listen to your story; they’re all waiting for you to pass the bong and stop wasting precious weed. 

Pass to the Left: Pass the bong carefully to the individual on your left after you have had your turn (one of two solid draws). why? No one knows. That’s just part of the polite weed culture.

Know Your Limit: Just because they keep passing it to you doesn’t mean you have to smoke it. It’s not a competition; it’s should only be enjoyable and relaxing. If you’ve had enough, simply take the bong and pass it along to the next person. It’s never a bad idea to research and get more information about smoking weed.

Ultimately, be careful when handling the bong because if you break it, you own it! If such an eventuality occurs. Don’t panic as there are many places to buy bongs Canada. All you need to do is hop into your favorite bong shop and choose what you want.

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