Nicholas Hamilton Is Ready For A “Different Year”

The last twelve months have been, well, pretty bad for just about everyone. Nicholas Hamilton included. In his debut single, “Different Year” he breaks down some of the experiences and feelings we’ve all been dealing with over the past year.

“Different Year” is a soft pop track that’s the epitome of wanting everything to be ‘normal’ again. While the song is personal and shares how Nicholas has struggled with a breakup and isolation, it also speaks to the pandemic-experience we’re all living through. Many of us are drinking maybe a little too often and having the dreaded realization that last May wasn’t as long ago as we thought.

Nicholas, who’s based in LA, didn’t always want to be a singer. He’s actually an accomplished actor who is known for his roles in It, It Chapter Two, and Captain Fantastic. When COVID-19 shut down the film and TV industries, Nicholas decided to try his hand in the music world.

As a track, “Different Year” is a well written, performed, and produced song. It packs in the meaning with emotion without being cheesy or too overloaded with ideas. Further, it contrasts some less than happy lyrics with light synths that help listeners understand the song isn’t taking itself too seriously.

“Different Year” is fun, cathartic, catchy, and just a little sad. It’s probably everything you could want to have in a pop song right now.

Nicholas Hamilton said what we’re all feeling best: “If I go to sleep can I wake up in a different year?”

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