Brynn Andre Marries Us With ‘Honeymoon’

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Brynn Andre releases Honeymoon, the next chapter in her story. As an artist, Brynn Andre debuted in 2010 with poignant songs about her 20’s. Her new album is a reflective and mature project that follows her story since her debut, tackling both hopes and uncertainty for what is happening and what comes next. With a focused sound and strong production, Brynn Andre’s Honeymoon is a defining record for her as an artist.

Honeymoon begins with the title track. This delightful track draws the listener in with its glossy layered vocals. Brynn creates a sugary bliss that embodies the everlasting honeymoon she describes in her lyrics.

Continuing on to “Celebrity,” the next track imagines a glamorous life in the Hollywood Hills. The song shows off two sides of the story, both lamenting a life that could have been as well as contentedness for the life that is.

The next two songs show off Brynn Andre’s versatility on this album. “Good Time” is a pure pop track, filled with bright 80s nostalgia. “Sad” contrasts the vibes of “Good Time” with an honest exclamation of emotion. The song is there to pretend, sometimes things just suck.

Though the previous tracks were straightforward, Brynn Andre shows us that she is not afraid to tackle more personal songs. “Fertile Ground” gives insight into her own personal journey of fertility. A deeply vulnerable track, while also showcasing so much strength.

The songs “Reliable Man” and “Bambi” both play with tropes, upending expectations. The former satirizes cliche songs that romanticize the bad boy archetype, Brynn Andre just wants some stability and commitment. The latter challenges assumptions with a self-affirming refusal to be reduced to a stereotype.

Several strong tracks fill out the latter half of the album. Both “Canyon Heart” and “Trailblazing” focus on healing from emotional pain, using metaphors to express feelings that are hard to put into words but easy to relate to. “Strawberry Wine” is a cover of the Deana Carter tune with her own twist, a song that captures growing up as both an exciting and scary experience.

Honeymoon closes off with “Even Love.” This song summarizes the sentiments of the album that Brynn Andre has conveyed throughout the track. If you are interested in Brynn Andre, Honeymoon is a defining release for her. This album defines her current sound, showing her growth in sound and story.

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