Sophia Agranovich Calls Us With Her ‘Love Serenade’

Sophia Agranovich

Even as music technology continues to increase at a rapid pace, there will always be something amazing about a classical instrumental piece. The talent to create this style of music without all the fancy modern techniques will always be classic. Our recent discovery of “Love Serenade” by Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah proves this point once again.

The love of music was strong for Sophia Agranovich since her earliest days. Her exposure growing up in Ukraine to art, theatre, literature, and especially music led to a lifetime of art. She was performing on stages and winning awards before she was 10 years old. This led to Agranovich emigrating to the United States to attend the famous Juilliard School in NYC and earn Bachelors and Masters degrees there. 


Pairing with the multi-talented Rupam Sarmah led to the magical creation titled “Love Serenade.” Blending the classical piano beauty inspired by Schubert, Sophia Agranovich lays down the mesmerizing classical piano line. The addition of eclectic world instruments allows the track to reach a higher level. There is a freedom here as unusual harmonies show that there is no set genre that limits the artists. 

An amazing feeling of calm cascades over the listener even though we are not sure which direction “Love Serenade” will go in next. Over 6 full minutes of music take us where Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah want to take us. We do know it will be an enjoyable journey for all. 

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