Touch The Buffalo expand Their Sound With ‘Bodhicitta’

Touch The Buffalo

The goal of any band should always be to evolve and adjust to create music that fills their energy. There are plenty of other like minded musicians out there to work with if you are willing to put yourself out there and do your thing. Our recent find Touch The Buffalo has been grinding and growing for years now. Their upcoming EP release Bodhicitta is ready to launch them to the next level of their careers. 

The project began back in 2016 in DC with Jon Johnson – lead vocalist, songwriter and uke player, and drummer Mike Falcon. As they got their feet wet in the DMV music scene,  bassist Emanuel Barfield and guitarist Tyler Beard joined in to complete the sound. Touch The Buffalo was born. Together they craft a polished garage grunge sound with elements of classic rock and indie genres creeping in. 

Now Touch The Buffalo is set to release a new EP titled Bodhicitta on March 1st, 2024. The 4 track record attempts to infuse their rock energy into the softer side of the soundscape. Opening up with “This City’s Burning” we get eased into the pure unadulterated energy that is the band. The combination of darkly delivered lyrics with swirling guitars and pounding drums brings back memories to the best rock of the mid 1990’s. 

Hear Touch The Buffalo here:

On the lead single “In Six Heads About It” we get introduced to the deeper side of the band. The ukulele leading the way to add a truly soulful singer-songwriter vibe. The listener is forced to lean into the sound to truly feel whatTouch The Buffalo is offering. Emotions will swirl up. 

We dive deeper into their feelings with “The Carpenter and The Nurse” as the atmospheric soundscape is punctuated with a piano melody that keeps us at bay. Elegant and emotional. The way a good song should make you feel. Excellent songwriting and arranging.

The EP closes with “Hope’s Song,” an emotional culmination to a solid collection of songs. Again led by ukulele but the creeping in of electric guitars brings the energy up just when it is needed. A song that will slide into your soul but then jar you awake with its rabid energy and big sounds.

Looking forward to seeing Touch The Buffalo continue to explore their sound. Keep up with the band here:

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