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Indie PR For The Indie Artist – DIY

As an independent artist, PR helps boost your career and aids in your journey to becoming a professional musician. But, press promotion can get expensive – it’s not always an option. Have no fear for the team at Indie Band Guru are going to break down some indie PR methods and the benefits they hold. 

Milky Chance Is “Living In A Haze”

Approaching us with a vocal that is as crisp as it is lush and filled with a melodic color all too rarely acquired when browsing the mainstream isles of the local record store is none other than Milky Chance’s “Living In A Haze,” a late spring single that has been gaining traction in the underground

Booker Brooks Shows Us “Sober”

Booker Brooks, of Christchurch New Zealand brings us a new track with his single, “Sober.” The song both serves as a powerful metaphor for a toxic relationship, as well as being a strong artistic statement exemplifying his personal style. He is reminiscent of other artists who pushed the limits of their genre, such as Bon