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Go For A “Night Swim” With Sunhaven

“Let’s hold our breath. And kiss in the deep end. ‘Till there’s no air left in our lungs. Then sink to the bottom. Where no one will find us.” These are some of the lyrics of Sunhaven‘s debut single “Night Swim.” Sunhaven is a brand new alt-rock band based out of Long Island, New York.

Nataliya Nikitenko Separates With “Oil & Water”

“Oil & Water,” a melancholic pop ballad about a failed relationship, is Nataliya Nikitenko’s standout debut single. It combines soft piano melodies with impressive vocals that together make an emotionally stirring track. After a first listen, there’s no doubt that it’s a radio-worthy song that pop lovers will want to listen to over and over

Mookigang Releases Stunning Debut Single

The correlations between hip-hop and metal run far deeper than most know. Artists for decades have been known to go from working between the two genres and finding new and exciting ways to intermingle the two. So when the vocalist of Cincinnati metal band Softspoken left to focus on a solo hip-hop project called Mookigang