‘Reach For The Sky’ With Born To Fly

Born To Fly

When you find a musical connection, hold on tight for as long as you can. Having a partner that fits well with your own songwriting style is extremely valuable. You are able to feed off of each other and become a team that is better than the sum of its parts. The pair that front Born To Fly fit this dynamic quite well.

The Portland, Oregon band is fronted by songwriter, lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist Carol Ann Wood along with veteran singer/songwriter Brian Thompson. The pair have been making music together for more than 30 years as Born To Fly. Marty Hoyle (vocals and piano), Jimmy Cliff (vocals and bass), and Rick Boyce (percussion) help fill out the band to create an Americana sound with a touch of alternative to keep it fresh. As expected with a lead singing pair that has been doing it for 30 years, harmonies are at the forefront.

Last year Born To Fly released their full length album Reach For The Sky. The 10-track record was produced by Roger Fisher (former Heart member and current Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member) and his brother Michael “Magic Man” Fisher. This legendary addition helped create a group of songs that is as classic as it is fresh. 

‘Reach For The Sky’ by Born To Fly

The title track opener “Reach For The Sky” shows off the amazing vocal harmony right of the top. The song builds into an all out rockin’ fun time with each part showing off its talent. From high end lyrics to an epic guitar solo. The fun turns up on “She’s So Hot” with its joyful piano fills adding to the party. Good luck not tapping along as Born To Fly shares a story that many of us have had experience with. An attractive woman that we know will hurt us in the end, but there is no staying away. “Can’t wait to get burned!”

Born To Fly slows it down with “Air That I Breathe” but the emotion is turned up to the max. Carol Ann Wood delivers a sultry vocal style that draws the listener in close. Her skills are on full display here on their version of The Hollies classic. Just as intimate as the original. 

Speaking of intimate, check out the live version of “My Daddy’s Gibson” as Carol Ann opens up about growing up in a large family of music. It is obvious this guitar means an awful lot to her. The heavy americana feel puts us all right there in the room as Born To Fly shares their realism. 

The Reach For The Sky album is full of intimate and emotional moments like this. As we reach the closer “Don;t Say Goodbye” we couldn’t agree more. The peppy track adds a smile to the listener’s face as multiple instruments blend together for a full soundscape of easy going energy. A perfect ending to an enjoyable listening experience.

Keep an ear out for more on the Born To Fly WEBSITE.

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