Budnick – Uncovering Some Talent Buried In The Underground

There is so much more music out there than what the masses are spoon fed on mainstream radio.  Hopefully our readers are much more knowledgeable and cultured than that.  Those willing to explore will find fantastic sounds such as Budnick in the underground.  Dig a little deeper people!


The white American rapper has had the music in his blood for his entire life.  David Budnick started writing and recording at the age of ten, before the white rapper phenomenon Eminem even happened.  The years of perfecting his craft has paid off well but Budnick remains unsigned.  

It has been a long road but now he is going full force.  His first mixtape titled Dirty D will be released in May 2016, with his debut studio album Salute My Shorts scheduled for release soon thereafter.  We had a chance to hear some of the tracks as Budnick prepares for this.  He shows off some real originality in his sound with “Wavy”.  The spacy background creates an interesting vibe that blends well with the lyrics.  It looks like the lead track will be “Every Celebrity”.  The vocals take the lead here.  Budnick speaks from real life and lays his story out there for everyone to hear.  There is some jealousy but doesn’t everybody have some of that.  Take a listen for yourself here:


See whats next for Budnick at: https://www.facebook.com/BudnickOfficial

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