There is a beauty that can be achieved by mixing musical genres that the average mind can not see going together well.  These ideas have created some of the most innovative music of our time.  Our new friends The Cellophane Superstars have caught our attention with an interesting mesh of sound.

Cellophane Superstars

The duo of guitarist Aaron Kaplan and producer Ryan Summers are the brains behind the Cellophane Superstars project.  Based in the cold reaches of Central Wisconsin has not held back the mass of influences included in their sound.  After a string of not so pleasant religious experiences they decided to use this suffering energy to create something meaningful.  The genre is tough to pin down as it includes heavy doses of electronica, guitar rock. and indie rock soundscapes.

Recently the group released their album “W.A.D.” to the masses and even made most of the songs free for public download.  On the “Introduction” there is a dark ominous bell ringing alongside some rather scary vocal samples and dubstep electronica.  This should make for quite an eventful listen.  “The indie rock takes the lead on “Swans Are Singing” with its piano driven melody and raw vocals that lead to a rather catchy chorus.  The angry guitar rock takes hold on the title track “W.A.D.”.  These guys seem to be able to take their music in any direction that they see fit.  The dark tone continues on “Dark Reflection” but this track focuses more on the electronica side and a bumping drum beat.  The fun sound of “As Seen On T.V.” and its vocal harmonies make it an enjoyable listen even with a haunting deep bass tone lurking behind it.  By the time you reach the closer “Worlds Between” and its pretty guitar melody playing over an ominous atmospheric background you have heard a piece of everything that The Cellophane Superstars can do.  The vocals here spill out emotion and bring you closer to their innermost feelings.  Keep up with their comings and goings at:

And take a listen to the full album at:


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