There are many jobs out there for artists that can write music and jingles for advertisements.  As the independent music community has advanced these opportunities have opened up even farther for these indie artists.  Although this can be a lucrative profession it is easy to see how it could become trite and somewhat boring.  This seems to be the case with our recent discovery Aminita Satori.


Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois Aminita worked a successful career writing music and producing for major TV advertisers such as McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Verizon.  Being such a charismatic and eclectic artist though this joy of writing music faded and Aminita walked away from the job and dove into writing personal original music.  Unfortunately a severe case of writer’s block took hold for the good part of 5 years.  The discovery of philosopher Terence McKenna and his lecture archive got the juices flowing again and the music started to pour out.

The result of this spark is the album Where Language Fails.  The 20 song opus shows that when the music flows it truly flows.  The opening track “I Won’t Forget You” sets the tone for a relaxing chillwave ride that is set to wash over your mind and body.  The trance will continue through the funky grooves and atmospheric sounds of songs such as “Ether”, “Beyond” and “Rain”.  The influence of Hip Hop can be heard within the chillwave on “Take Me Higher” with its vocal samples and head bopping beat hiding underneath.  The full use of the speakers are explored on “Feel It” with sounds coming at the listener from every angle to soothe and awaken the aura inside.  When you consume the full hour of music and reach the closer “Your Love” the echo and multitude of sounds enclosed will leave you gasping for air and in a much more chilled out state than you came into the album with.  Prepare yourself and have a listen at:

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