Music has been the escape for many artists caught in a rough situation as a way to get away even if only in your mind.  For our friend Jaway there were not many situations that could have been tougher than his journey but he has come out of them as a true talent with a life of stories and emotions to share.


The story of Jaway begins in the war torn country of Liberia in West Africa.  He was raised sternly by his mother and grandmother and fortunately for us all he was “forced” into his first musical experience becoming a part of the church choir.  In addition to discipline and hard work it taught him how to express his feelings and emotions through song.  When the Liberian civil war began Jaway used writing music as his savior from those frightful days and dreadful nights.  Five years into the war Jaway got the opportunity to come to America and took it hoping for a better life.  His love for music continued and he sang in karaoke bars to perfect his craft.  After he moved to Los Angeles things really started to pick up and Jaway was given the chance to formally pursue music.  His 2009 album Decontee put him on the map and gained him a solid following in the R&B world.

The current project of Jaway is very important to him.  His single “When Will We Learn” was released digitally last month and an official release with a live performance is scheduled for April 26th.  The song is a beautiful and smooth piece that adds true emotion and storytelling aspects with the lyrics.  The funk background meshes well with Jaway’s powerfully and sultry style.  The song is a heartfelt dedication to his nephew who was murdered in the horrible war on March 14, 2012, one day before his birthday.  If you want to feel real emotion through song go to:


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