Every true music fan will often yearn for some classic sounds of the past.  Music is cyclical and some modern bands have become experts at bringing the past sounds back with a new twist that creates something completely new while also bringing the memories of a different time back to the forefront.  A good example is our recent find Timeless Void.

Timeless Void

The duo of Eric St-Pierre and Alex Hilson hails from Ontario, Canada.  The goal of The Timeless Void is to weave a dense fabric of haunting, otherworldly psychedelic rock as an ode to the 1960’s experimental music sound with their own touches from other influential genres.  A piece that sticks out in this reviewer’s mind is that is the band’s lack of drums.  A seemingly integral part of any musical experience is left out and substituted for very sufficiently with the aid of the standard guitar and bass mixed with flutes and an assortment of echoes and reverbs to fill out the wall of sound.

The latest release is the full length Voidland.  It is an 18 track opus that will capture your mind and feelings before you are even aware of what is happening.  The opener “Blueberry Dreams” begins simply enough with a simple guitar and flute but the additions of an assortment of atmospheric sounds from space waves to bubbles lets you know this is no ordinary ride you have just entered.  Timeless Void has mastered old school effects usage as heard on the reverb, echo, and waves on “Another Day In June”.  The grinding guitar melody fully fills in for any pounding drum beats here.  On “Kill The King” the band adds a gravelly vocal track to infuse a raw rock tone to the use of impressive flute which will always awaken images of Jethro Tull to me.  There is a darker tone to “Upon A Time” with a minimalistic walking beat accompanying the spoken word style vocals.  The jarring sounds will draw you deeper into the Timeless Void.  The album concludes with the 8 minute epic “On My Way”.  Sounds seem to come from all angles while the song is raw and aggressive at times yet soothing in an odd way.

Get your mind to the right state and go enter The Timeless Void at: http://www.timelessvoid.ca/

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