With the wide variety of musical genres out there already established it is sometimes hard to come up with something original.  One successful way of doing this is taking pieces out of other styles and combining them to create something totally new.  Our recent find Cirex has done this well.


The solo project based in Puerto Rico is the brainchild of Eric Ortz.  Cirex was formed back in 2009 as a side project but has grown a life of its own pumping out songs at a frenetic pace.  The talented musician plays many instruments and is not afraid to take the reins also producing himself.  The sound of Cirex combines the power of metal with electronic dubstep and industrial influences.  This makes for quite a strong sound will dominate the ears of anyone who takes the plunge into listening to it.  So far he has released 3 full length albums of this energetic music with more to come.

This year Cirex released his fourth album called Trialism.  The 12 track record continues his original style by blending together the wild mix of sounds to one truly imaginative genre.  The opener “Cyber Me” builds off of an angry distorted guitar grinding away with a basic drum beat in the background while random sounds jump in and out of the mix keeping the listener guessing what is next.  The more electronic “iHuman” is a darker song that dwells deep in industrial territory while still having a beat that you can bop your head to.  The speed is pumped up on “Trilemma” to take you to a more fired up level and to get you moving in ways you didn’t think were possible.  This is a powerful mix of sounds.  Some atmosphere comes in to play on “Dark Alley” creating the feeling that you are truly living this music instead of just listening.  By the time you get to the closer “Extenze Liquid” your body will be fully immersed in the noise and moving to it uncontrollably.  If you are ready for a full musical experience give Trialism a listen and experience more at: http://cirexmusic.com/


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