Music is best when it is meant to portray a feeling or show off a meaning.  When musicians get together with a meaningful goal in mind the music will flow and good things will happen.  For example let us introduce you to Cities & Coasts.


The group is the studio collaboration between some successful musicians in the Cleveland music scene including Nathan Hedges (Silverlights), Michael Gould (Welshly Arms) & Jimmy Weaver (Welshly Arms).  The purpose of working together is to celebrate growing up on the shores of the Great Lakes and embracing the music, artist, and city that they love.

The recent result of Cities & Coasts is the full length debut EP Postcards From The Great Lakes.  The 9 track record is a beautiful piece of work that keeps it melodic and happy.  The record begins with a “Prelude” that harks back to the early days of Cleveland Rock N’ Roll.  The title track “Postcards From The Great Lakes” steps it up with a feel good sock hop melody with emotion oozing out from everywhere.  It sets you up nicely for what is to come.  The minimalistic guitar opening of “Summer Is Over” welcomes in everyone while the singalong feel will warm the cold heart even though the warmth is over.  A little funk rock n’ roll is brought to the party on “Sail Into The Sun” with its grooving beat that is sure to get the head bobbing.  The album continues to build toward the closer “Don’t Scratch The Vinyl” which creates a full wall of sound with the vintage Cleveland sound mashed together with a modern edge.  After the full listen I am up for a trip to the midwest city myself.  Get your taste at:

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