With the technological advances in music making and production there is now a higher standard for a self produced record.  The artists that accept this technology and run with it will have a step up on the other musicians trying to do the same old thing.  Our latest find Hong Kong Danger Duo is doing some innovative things with a classic sound.

Hong Kong Danger Duo

The two-piece from Chicago, Illinois is made up of just a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer.  The additional member of the band is an assortment of IOs apps run through an iPad.  To help shape the Hong Kong Danger Duo sound they have used Sunrizer, Magellan, Animoog, Flitatron, Glitchbreaks, and Voice Synth.  The result is a very full sound.

Earlier this month the duo released their debut self titled EP.  The 3 song record has an interesting way of combining a classic blues rock sound with an electronic element to bring the music to the next level.  The opener “Haymaker’s Son” begins with an electro feel and melds into a bombastic blues rock vocal with grinding guitar and big drums.   The sound is as full as a 6-piece band.  “City Smog” is in the same vein but a little more experimental with the effects.  Amazing what some IOs apps can do.  By the time you get to “Flatline” you feel the power bash you right in the face.  This is large music ready for stadium treatment.  I for one am very interested to see the live show.  Keep up with Hong Kong Danger Duo at:  www.hongkongdangerduo.com

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