CMND.CTRL -Creating Emotion With Ambient Sounds

cmnd ctrl

One of the best uses for music is to create emotion.  It is an artist’s job to create a feeling within the listener.  A talented musician is able to cover all the bases and find sounds that reach deep into the brain to conjure up anything from relaxation to rage.  Our recent discovery CMND.CTRL seems to have hit this on the head.

The project is the brainchild of Iowa native J. Anderson.  The sound of CMND.CTRL is an exotic mix of ambient and energetic electronic genres to create something that is truly original.  He claims heavy influence from such luminaries in the genre as Brian Eno, St. Vincent, and David Bowie.  The sound will lift your mind to a higher place rift with creative ideas.

To introduce CMND.CTRL to new fans he has recently released an EP titled Ambient Music For Farmers.  The 4 track record is a journey through an enigmatic mind.  


The opening track “April” sets the tone with rising sounds seeming to come from deep inside your own imagination.  The noises come in and out in tight intervals letting your brain adjust to what is about to happen.  Next up is “lo”, a minimalistic song with seemingly random piano strikes over a sludgy bass line buried deep in the mix.  Movie soundtrack music comes to mind letting you paint the picture as the song fades into nothingness.  The vibe goes darker with the under 2 minute long “Frenetic”.  This soundtrack friendly song lives up to its title as it creeps in and out of your consciousness with trills and lows setting you up for an attack.  The EP closes with “Lanterns”.  The whirring sound will bring your vibration in tune before an elegantly performed piano melody brings you down gently to face the real world again.    

CMND.CTRL is an artist to keep an eye on.  Listen for yourself here

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