Sam McIntire Funding His Breakout Album ‘Vitality’

Sam McIntire

Sam McIntire is an up and coming artist with a great voice, big dreams, and a ton of potential.

Though he isn’t always sure how he’ll make it happen, he always knows exactly what he wants to do with his life. McIntire is the kid who sat in the back of class writing poems and lyrics while everyone else played on their phone or took a nap. He’s made it clear that he is consistently faced with doubt and barriers to his success, but his undying drive and will to succeed has allowed him to persevere and overcome .

Same McIntire is currently funding what he expects to be his “breakout album”. The project is titled Vitality and it tells an impassioned story of rebirth, reinvention and the new life ahead of him. To get this project recorded, he’ll need a little help to get the ball rolling.

Sam’s Style: McIntire Music

McIntire doesn’t chase the charts, but a recognizably pop sound seems to sit right at the tip of his tongue. Catchy hooks and choruses ooze from him almost inescapably, as if every word has been just waiting to jump right out.

In songs like “Change My Mind,” he performs an excellent duo with an unnamed female counterpart. Together the two artists make a piece that is much more than music — it’s magic.

That’s not all either. McIntires got plenty more hits just like that one on his Soundcloud.

Give ’em a try!

Sam McIntire On His Way Up

Where he lacks in production quality, he flourishes with unmistakable talent and skill. Where he may lack in a core following, he follows up strongly with the drive and work-ethic that simply breeds success.

Musically, Sam McIntire is in a creative cocoon, just itching to break out and introduce us all to the beauty of his true colors. We haven’t yet been able to pinpoint exactly what those colors may look like, but we know this:

They are definitely worth a look.

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