Cory M. Coons Takes Us Down “Freedom Road”

Cory M. Coons

Melodic rock is a simple yet difficult genre to crack. While it doesn’t 
feature the complex instrumentation of math rock, it needs sincere 
delivery and fitting performances to hit with the intended effect. So, 
when we saw a new single from melodic rock artist Cory M. Coons, we 
decided to give it a look. Here’s our review of his latest song “Freedom 

The first thing that jumps out to me about “Freedom Road” is how good of 
a lyricist Cory is. He’s the singer and songwriter of the tune, and 
we’ve got to give him praise for his flowery flourishes. There are some 
truly beautiful lines in here, that stand out and linger in our minds. 
They’re simple, but they hit home hard and are honest, all signs of 
excellent songwriting.

His delivery is also some very strong stuff, hitting all the right keys 
without straining himself. It’s evocative of someone looking forward 
while also fondly remembering the past, which we’d wager is exactly the 
intended effect. Grounded delivery is always a plus in melodic rock 
music like this, and Cory shows us exactly why with his performance 

Of course, a good melodic rock song needs good writing, but it also 
requires some actual melodic rock, and “Freedom Road” does not 
disappoint in that regard. It may be a laid-back song that radiates a 
tired vibe, but the instruments here aren’t slacking in the slightest. 
On the contrary, every part of the song works really well together.

Shimmering and clear percussion maintain a steady rhythm throughout the 
song, with a soft acoustic guitar making up the bulk of the song’s body. 
There’s also some backing piano, though everything takes a backseat to 
the killer guitar solo that takes place in the latter end of the song. 
Production here is clear and crisp, which is good to see.

Overall, “Freedom Road” is a strong example of a melodic rock song that 
just works. Soft, raw, and powerful when it needs to be, it’s hard to 
find fault with. Fans of melodic rock should definitely give this one a 
look, and keep an eye on Cory M. Coons. As fans of the genre ourselves, 
we cannot wait to see what he’s got waiting for us in the future.

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