An artist that can put on a great performance has become rarer and rarer in the new modern internet age.  Some musicians choose to hide behind their computer and just post music online hoping for stardom.  The hard workers that get out there and put on a show will always have a leg up in my musical world.  Let us introduce you to Denora who puts in all the energy to get your attention.


She is an international artist, singer and saxophonist who has made an impact with her live show throughout Italy and France and now is ready to take it worldwide.  The range of Denora’s music touches on such genres as jazz, soul, funk, blues, electronic and pop.  There is a glamour to a Denora show complete with costumes and atmospheres that bring to mind the cabaret style and the fabulous theater surrounding it.

For her newest track “Baby You”, Denora has focused on the dance genre and shows some true skills.  The sexy and sultry video captures your attention and doesn’t give you a second to turn away.  Enjoy the video here:

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