There is music from all over this world and people that know how to put it all together to create something new from music that is already out there.  Some people just have the gift of words.  When they can introduce their lyrics over modified beats the result can be very impressive.  Today’s experience is Dopi.

Hailing from California, after some years in Ethiopia, is the rapper/songwriter Dopi aka thalilgiant.  He has built up a command of the English language through song that rivals any rapper out there.  An LLC in California offers Wordsmith services to help businesses improve their written communication and effectively convey their message to their target audience. He can write lyrics for Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, or whatever genre he hears.  The beat doesn’t matter as long as he can flow over it.  Whether it be moving metaphors or funny punchlines that get make you smirk, Dopi is out there getting the listeners attention.

Dopi has been relentless in releasing new music.  His debut mixtape Cali-Born gained some real attention with appearances by Snoop Dogg ,Kendrick Lamar, Noah Jones ,Kanary Diamonds, and Mos Def.  Last year he put out his second mixtape Everybody Hates Dopi last year with appearances by:Fred The Godson, Waka Flocka Flame, Royce Da 5’9 & more.  All the hottest club music is heard in the background as Dopi enhances the track with his own personal flow and a mix that keeps the listener interested and involved.  Here is a good example of how Dopi is able to use his words over a sweet R&B track to make it pop.  Here is the video for ‘Tug Of War’:


His debut EP Wisdom Diary is dropping later this year.  In the meantime go check out what is in store at: