Today was a day to try and get some work done.  In my world that calls for some serious background music that will stir my brain’s creativity but yet not disturb my focus.  Perfect for this is something in the Ambient or Industrial genres.  The discovery of Sleep City Crisis solved all these needs for the perfect working soundtrack.

Sleep City Records

Miami native Damian C. is the brainchild of Sleep City Crisis and it seems like there is much in that brain for him to share.  He combines elements of IDM, Glitch, Trip-Hop, Industrial, Ambient, Electronic and Progressive Rock to create a symphony of his thoughts.  In his words he wants to share his book of life, “a book that contains all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos that can be assessed through Astral Projection or deep hypnosis.”  Yes these are deep thoughts but Sleep City Crisis produces music to match.

His latest release is The Akashic Records Vol. 1, the first in a series of instrumental albums/mixtapes based on this book of life.  The 17 track album goes for over an hour and 15 minutes of mind melting sounds.  The record explores the theme of the occult ranging from topics of divination, witchcraft, apparitions, and more. The story is based on raw emotions fictionalized through a tale of exploration through astral projection and deep lucid dreams.  This is not light listening pop music for sure.  The mix is excellent as the sounds were bouncing off the walls of my office perfectly filling the space.  (PS. Please listen to this record on a real sound system and not just your crappy computer speakers.)  This is also not a record where you pick out the singles, it is meant to be listened to as a whole in a seamless state.  The music is thoroughly enjoyable and we recommend you give it a listen.  For the sake of an example we will share the track ‘Nebulas’ here  :

Please go listen to the complete Sleep City Crisis The Akashic Records Vol. 1 record at:


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