If you have been following this site at all you are well aware that one of my favorite things to find in new music is when a band is not afraid to meld together a whole bunch of styles into one innovative genre that they call their own.  Going with the flow of what is popular music has never appealed to me.  This is one of the reasons I was excited to get a hold of some music from our latest find Downright.

The musical duo of Matthew DeVine and Steve Lewis combine their talents using any instrument that they can get their hands on including guitars, organs, string bass, electric pianos, theremin, drums, and horns.  Hailing from Tennessee and Alabama is very evident in their sound as it has certain down south, even mardi gras feel to it.   There is funk, soul, psychedelic rock, and even new wave to be heard here.  The energy extends into the crowd and I expect fans at a Downright live show to be taken on a trip within their own mind.

The band is preparing to release their 4th album Lightheaded in early 2013.  They describe it as “Sophisticated soulful music for the modern connoisseur that that leads people to get up and dance or get down and make babies”.  Each song is original and innovative in its use of tempo to keep the listener involved and focused on what is happening to their ears.  There are flashes of Talking Heads and Sly Stone from track to track.  What is truly amazing is the wall of sound that originates from just two talented men and their instruments.  Downright is ready to expand their southern base and enter the playlists of real music lovers all over the country.

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