One thing that always impresses and inspires me is when a musician finally decides to take that leap of faith and truly dives into their music career.  It is never an easy decision and there will be many naysayers that tell you that you are crazy.  Giving up on the somewhat easy life that society expects of you to just be a part of society is a weak goal in my eyes.  This is why I can appreciate our latest find Post Trauma.

Post Trauma

The name did throw me off a little as I kind of expected a semi-harcore band but I was pleasantly surprised by the fun in their “California Country” style.  Lead singer and songwriter Billy Ulrich found himself ready for a life change in early 2011 and made the conscious decision to devote his life to his music.  He went from having no knowledge of sound engineering to building a full studio in a soundproofed room in his house.  The first time he pushed that little red record button he was hooked and liked what he heard.  The sacrifice continued but the satisfaction of being on the road to achieving his dream has powered him through all the difficulties.

This perseverance has turned into a double disc epic of 25 songs entitled Sleepless, Dreamless.  The first disc entitled Sleepless was released late in 2012 with the second half, Dreamless expected to hit shelves in May of 2013.  The music is the outpouring of a musical mind sharing his life experiences from being a healthcare professional by day, rocker at night, and a full time dreamer.  The song ‘Nightshift’ is a driving pop-rock track with a country twang that tells the story of a man always on the run.  Billy is not afraid to put his feelings on the table in the track ‘I’m That Guy’.  It is an up and down track that keeps your interest as he tells you a fun little story.  The lead track of the album is the peppy ‘I Don’t Want To Get Up In The Morning’, a song that introduces many instruments and a fun vibe that sucks the listener in and refuses to let go.  It is an easy song to relate to as well.  Post Trauma has quite a way with lyrics.  There is also a great video for the song as well which I will share below:

Go get sucked in to the fun yourself at:

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  1. Nicole Freeman


  2. Garrett Garner

    bad ass

  3. Preston Twist

    Somtimes good old fashioned hard work just can’t be substitued for.

  4. Gwen Edwards

    Been following these guys for a while. Lovely, raw sound