Today we have another artist from Chicago for you.  There is a hot bed of talent out there right now and most importantly it is completely original talent creating music that is new and very different.  Having the strength to craft a sound that does not fit in with pop radio is daring at times but pays off so well when it comes with passion and adventure.  Welcome to the new world of Biiko.

 The sound and genre of Biiko is tough to describe with its simple pop melodies at times but mixed with electronic manipulations that set it apart from the norm.  It may be best described as new-fi.  Although the artist is young and has been very busy with other aspects of life such as graduating from Columbia College of Chicago this past year, he has been making his music known throughout the indie music scene.  Biiko has gained the attention of the local music pros working closely with Columbia College Chicago’s AEMMP Records, and Imaginary Swims Music Publishing.  If Biiko keeps creating this innovative music he will be gaining more and more attention quickly.

Last week Biiko released his six song EP Automagic.  The goal of the record is to create a brief synopsis of what it means to be one of the Windy City’s youth.  Different and strange, yet pleasant to the ears.  Chicago must be an interesting place to dwell at this moment in time.  The record opens with the spooky sounds of ‘Stark Raving Beautiful’ which sets the tone right away that the listener is in for an unusual experience.  This builds into the speedy and bouncy ‘Still Don’t know Where It Came From’.  There are instruments all over the map featured in this one.  It is quite amazing how this cacophony of sound blends together to create a complete listening experience.   A softer track and probably the most approachable song is ‘First Breath’.  This is collaboration with indie music festival favorites Netherfriends.  It mixes sweet vocal sounds with creepy blips and bloops to remain accessible and welcoming.

Bottom Line: Biiko has created something in Automagic that is very different, yet could quickly catch on with the masses searching for a new trendsetter to follow.  Go enjoy it for yourself at:

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  1. Music_nerd

    Solid pick, but the writing needs some serious work.