People with drive and dedication will always press on and find their calling even when situations change and unforeseen circumstances alter their intended path.  Nobody ever said life will go as you plan it but those who adapt are deemed for greatness.  I’d love to share the story of our latest discovery Xen Nightz.

Born in Chicago, IL, the songwriter, rapper, producer, and DJ known as Xen Nightz has built up quite a following for himself, both here in the states and overseas, especially in China.  At the young age of 8 he began focusing on his passion in the martial arts.  He was so dedicated that he relocated to China at 17 years old to further his training and professional career.  In an unfortunate turn of events he sustained a career ending injury just two years later and had to refocus his passions.  Luckily for the rest of us his other passion is music.  Since that time Xen Nightz has released a mixtape and 3 full-length albums.  He has performed in countless clubs throughout the US as well as China, Japan, and South Korea.

Just last month Xen Nightz released his latest album Mr. Malik.  It is a full 16 track record where he mixes all his influences into a verifiable stew of Hip-Hop, rock, and electronica.  The background soundscapes that he creates fill the whole room with sound to take over control of the listener’s mind.  Even with this full wall of sound, he is able to show off his rapping skills and flow on tracks like ‘Based On A True Story’ and ‘The Skills Within’.  Perhaps my favorite song of the record, ‘Polymonogomous’, is an assortment of hard electronica and speed rap that would stand up well within either genre.  That is not easy to do.  There are even quality rap-rock tracks on this album in songs like ‘the Lure’ and ‘Holiday’.

Bottom line: this is a complete album that touches on many styles while remaining true to Xen Nightz strengths, which are many.

Go give a listen to a focused man at:

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