In the rap game an artist must continually be releasing new music to stay in front of their fans and build up more of one. The fans are fickle and can forget about their favorite rapper as soon as another good one comes out. This is not a problem DraMatiQue has as he releases his second full length mixtape of the year.


We covered the west coast rapper and his ‘Kill The Game’ Mixtape back in March. His talents are still growing as he last week put out the impressive ‘The Burn’ Mixtape. Tgis one is even better than the first as he hooks up with enigmatic host DJ Smoke and top-notch production by Ages Beats, Kajmir Royale, Narco Productions, & Beats Planet. The opener “FireBomb” lets you know right away that you are in for a powerful performance. The wobbly beat seeps into your head as DraMatiQue spits fire at all the pretenders that can’t keep up with his talent. He continues the bragging on tracks like “Jealousy” and “Da Illest”. He does happen to back it up though with rolling lyrics that burn everything in their path while still staying in a fun beat. The mixes are unique and will make you stand up and take notice on tracks like “Oh No” and “Do It Up”. He has teamed up with beatmakers that are perfect for his strong style.

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