Elion V Shows He Can “Provide”

Taking yourself too seriously is one of the most common mistakes a see a lot of young artists making right out of the gate. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a relationship with music, but if you’re going to get anywhere in this game, humility is everything, and Elion V clearly knew this when he was making the video for his stylish and sexy new single “Provide.” While the substance of this track is all business, the video for “Provide” is humility and humor, with a strong emphasis placed on a comfortability Elion V is developing with the camera eye. 

The harmonies in this song are actually pretty simple, but I think the tone this player is using to get his point across to the audience is a hit-making attribute for sure. He’s breathing a romantic vitality into the verses with nothing more than the manner of singing he’s utilizing, which isn’t to say that these lyrics don’t stand on their own just fine. It’s a similar story with the video – personality is what puts everything over the top in “Provide,” and you just can’t say that about every new reggaeton video hitting the internet these days. 

Watch the video for “Provide” below

A communicative, groove-powered pop single that instantly made me fall in love with its creator, Elion V’s “Provide” is a hot track that you’re going to have a hard time stepping away from in 2022. If there’s anything obvious about the biggest trends in pop at the moment, it’s that reggaeton’s underground movement is about to come alive in this decade like nothing else on the planet, and from the looks of this ambitious single and music video from Elion V, he’s planning on being somewhere close to the forefront of his genre a lot sooner than later. He’s earning that here, and other discriminating fans will likely agree. 

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