Being a solo artist on your own is always a challenge.  So any artist should always be on the lookout for similar musical minds that can help in their development.  When people work together they will always achieve more.  This seems to be very true for our recent find G.P.

The songwriter and rapper hails from Raleigh, North Carolina.  While attending college at W.V.W.C. he hooked up with some good people and his musical talents started to really evolve.  Being a man that always looks to follow through G.P. left school to pursue his goals in music.  One thing that sets him apart is his ability to reach into his own life and share stories of his upbringing in the always transitioning Southern United States.  When G.P. began working with The Henney Gang things really started to take off as everyone involved seems to be on the same page striving for success.

The debut offering from the talented G.P. is his mix-tape S.T.O.H..  It is an acronym for “spilled thoughts over Henney” where many of his ideas have come from.  The 11 track record opens with “Beach Swag”.  The tone is set right away with an imaginative beat and G.P’s impressive flow.  The bouncy beats continue on “Body Rock” where your head will be bouncing uncontrollably from the first bar.  This is music made for a party.  Everyone comes together to tell the true goals on “Henney Gang”.  G.P. spits of how the crew will be working hard together to get where they want to be.  

Enjoy the video for the single “Ain’t Gotta Be Like That” here:

The strong lyrical flows continue paired with beats that grab your attention and keep any listener glued to their headphones on tracks like “Top Model”, “Same Shit”, and the closer“Loose Change”.  

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