One of the beauties of the independent music scene is having the freedom to make music outside of the small box that the majors and mainstream radio want you to.  Music is supposed to be original and constantly developing and changing.  We recently discovered GK who seems to take this to heart with his innovative musical style.


The young musical creator was born and raised in San Diego, California and has been grinding out his own sound that he has labeled Jazz Pop.  There are no boundaries here.  The basis of it is based in Blues and Jazz but there is a heavy influence of Hip Hop and even electro dance music thrown in there to shake things up.  The goal is not to be conventional but instead to open up people’s minds to appreciate something new.

Recently GK released his debut EP Crafting Off A Handy One.  The 5 track record shows off the multiple angles that this talented artist can go.  The opener “Love Around” builds off a nice groove with sultry Jazz tones thrown in.  The vocals lean toward a speedy hip-hop style crafting a complete song that can tickle any of your senses.  All the branches of the Jazz style are heard on “Paint The Town” while still staying modern and fresh.  Check out the lyric video here:

The tide turns to a full on electro dance party on “Saturn’s Child”.  A full spectrum of sound is launched to create a set of speakers filled with sweet noise.  Quite a nice little introduction to the GK sound.

We are ready for more musical explorations with GK in the near future.  Get ready for the new sound at:

You can also find GK on Twitter at @BluebirdGK

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