In this time in our musical history it has never been easier for a hard working band to get their music heard.  As much of a contradiction as that last statement sounds it is actually true.  There will never be any free rides but a group that is willing to put in the work themselves can achieve success without needing to beg to become part of the corporate machine that is major record labels.  A band that seems to be proving that hard work pays off is Age Of Man.


The three piece band based in El Dorado, Arkansas has been hard at work developing their sound for over 5 years now.  Age Of Man is comprised of Matt Benson on lead guitar and vocals, Brandon Borden on drums, and Eric Stone on bass.  Together they create a down and dirty kind of blues rock that brings back memories of the “good old” days.  When Age Of Man released their debut EP 2 years ago that they recorded in their Jam room they put in all the work handmaking the CDs and hustling them at shows and online.  The work bound the boys together to pursue bigger and better things.

Earlier this month the band released their first studio album About Time.  The 10 track record was recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Right from the opener “Gimme A Sigh” you know you are in for some powerful and raw rock and roll.  Age Of Man can slow it down and truly spill the blood of a good blues track on “No Woman”.  The emotions are felt deep in the lyrical delivery and the toned down guitar work.  The distorted guitar open of “I Found You” brings the muddy sound back as the song rises and falls along with your heart rate as you listen.  Psychedelic 60’s influences are heard on “Better Half” with deep grooves melting away all your problems in the world.  The record closes with the wake up call of “Sun & Rain” with some classic organ sounds.  There is some good energy to be felt and heard here.  Go get a listen for yourself at:

You can also find them at

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